Please share a thought or two about what would you like to learn regarding the move to 1:1

1. How will it affect my classroom/teaching?
  • I would like to know how to implement and teach a social studies class using 1:1. I would also like to learn how to utilize Googledocs in a testing type atmosphere as well as learn how to put something together where students can get all of my assignments etc. from class.
  • How will it effect my classroom? (SpEd)
  • Activities for students
  • I think putting technology in the hands of students will enable us to open doors to students in their learning and take them into the 21st century.
  • Examples of how to use - easily - in my HS Lang Arts classroom for both writing and literature that align with Iowa Core
  • "Lesson plan ideas or things students can do with the computers other than papers
  • Hands on ways to do things with the computers in the classrooms
  • Using the google docs for classroom ideas
  • Websites to use for resources in the CTE area"
  • I would like to learn how students in other districts have used the computers in math classes.
  • How to check/grade things on the computer
  • "I would like to see one on one lessons being taught. we know the good and the bad I want to see how teachers actually use them with the students.
  • Do most use so students can collaborate or is 5th grade to you for that.
  • how many schools in Iowa have 1 to 1 in 5th grade?"
  • I'd like to see a lesson being taught using this. I also need to see how to grade the work.
  • "How will notes be taught, when trying to relate concepts?
  • I would like to learn how I can best utilize the 1:1 in my math classroom.
  • "How teachers in other schools currently use 1 to 1 for content specific needs.
  • I'm pretty open to anything. It would be good to get ideas on how to expand my curriculum plan to include the new technology.

2. How do you deal with behavior issues/classroom management?
  • How are we going to "police" the websites and programs that the kids use, both in and outside of school?
  • How to police the use of the computers
  • How will we curb vandalism or theft of others computers?"
  • classroom management, making assignments available for absent students, ideas of how they are used in language arts classrooms
  • How will the monitoring of use of computers be done when in the classroom. (i.e. how will I know if they are goofing off)
3. How will we (staff and students) learn digital literacy skills?
  • What is the ability of students to find information?
  • I think it will challenge us as teachers to learn more about technology and change our role as the keeper of information to a facilitator, helping students to find the information they need and to make sense of it.
4. What are expectations for staff in this new learning environment?
  • What requirements will teachers have for the amount of time that they are required to use these in their classes? What compensation will teachers recieve for spending more time learning how to use these and the extra time that they will need to communicate with students outside of regular school hours?
  • How to troubleshoot and/or fix computers that have problems.
  • How much will we need to use the computers in our rooms?
  • Will students do all work on their computer?
  • Are these going to help with students who are absent and miss school? Will they be required to have the assignment done when they return since they will have a lap top? How will we handle this?
5. How will Underwood Schools handle this transition?
  • "How much time will we have to set things up in our classroom to prepare ourselves to use them in the room?
  • When will we get the computer to work on them ourselves?"
  • I feel there really needs to be more teacher training on how to teach 1 to 1.
  • It is ""easy"" to get every student a computer, but if the teachers aren't trained on how to have computers in their rooms everyday, then it could be worthless.
  • I also think we should go MAC but I know that isn't going to happen, but just putting it out there again."
  • Can this be done by start of school? We need to have a printer in each room to run items off. Will this be for 6-8?
  • Expectations of Staff...What is the school looking for in terms of use
  • Will they be able to get on facebook, twitter, myspace, AIM, etc.?"
  • "Are we going to get the best laptops/software out there? Or are we going to get the cheapest things that are not as reliable? Are we getting MACS or PCs?
  • Will the tech support be there? Other schools have a trained Tech ""Guy"" who is there to help 24-7. Will teachers be expected to know how to fix problems.
  • What steps will be in place to help a student catch up that is struggling with the technology, and therefore falling behind on the learning and technology curve? A technology sped department so to speak
6. Other questions asked
  • *Terminology - I don't really know much about any of the tools listed above or even how to use them"
  • If a student's computer goes down during a lesson should we continue moving on or wait for that student? Will they be required to make it up outside of class since others had class time? I am assuming yes, but I can see a parent thinking that is ""unfair.""
  • What if a family doesn't want the responsibility of a lap top and two out of twenty-five students don't have a computer?
  • Basic issues that students have on their computers and how to troubleshoot/fix those issues in the classroom."
  • How to run any software that we'll be using. Possibilities for video and audio creation, editing, etc.
  • I don't know alot about 1:1, so anything would be helpful.
  • We are excited to get started on 1 to 1.
  • I honestly don't know what to ask.
  • what will we do about students that don't have internet at home?
  • I am basically already a 1 to 1 learninig experience.
  • Student internet access at home is necessary for 100% inclusion. How will we meet the needs of those students who do not have internet access outside of the school?