How Does My Instruction Change?

Now that students have immediate access to technology, teaching becomes increasingly complex. Consider what you want students to learn, how you will structure their learning, and how you can leverage technology to meet those goals. Be thoughtful not to add technology just for the sake of technology. "Fluff" is easily spotted by students and doesn't lead to deeper learning.
Three options are provided below to expand on this idea. If you are needing a quick list of things to think about before lesson planning, choose the option 1 below. If you have more time and are considering ways to redesign your instruction, option 2 is a more detailed with video links of examples. If you are interested in more of the research-based approach and are dedicating significant professional development time to changing your instruction, see the information on TPACK below in option 3.
Option 1
Quick List of Things to Consider
Option 2
Technology Integration Matrix
Option 3
TPACK - Technology, Pedagogy And Content Knowledge
Video explanation from the creators of TPACK
  • I can select effective teaching approaches to guide student thinking and learning in the content area
  • I know about technologies that I can use for understanding and doing [the content area]

5 Things to consider when planning a lesson
• Choosing learning goals
• Making practical pedagogical decisions about the nature of the learning experience
• Selecting and sequencing appropriate activity types to combine to form the learning experience Activity Types Explained
• Selecting formative and summative assessment strategies that will reveal what and how well students are learning
• Selecting tools and resources that will best help students to benefit from the learning experience being planned

Google Apps Resources

Lesson Plan Samples and Ideas

Using Google Docs in your Instruction

There are many tools within Google Docs, and the reason to use them? Collaboration!

Google Doc Templates
Consider Google Paint as another resource to use for brainstorming, concept mapping, and flowcharts.

Using Google Forms in your instruction

Google Forms is a great tool to use for surveys, quick polls, and formative assessments.

Google Forms in the Classroom

Using Google Sites in your Instruction

Do you have a class webpage or site for students to go to for help and assignments? A Google Site may be just what you need. It's a great place to store links, offer information, and provide resources for parents and students. There are even classroom templates to help you get started.

Google Sites help page
Unofficial site for help - FAQ's